Smart Nations After Shock

How innovation-led societies dealt with the crisis and
insights from future tech leadership in China, Spain and Singapore

Virtual Global Panel Discussion, November 17th

#GovAfterShock #AfterSmart

Thinking out a common post-COVID19 agenda for resilient, literate, inclusive and smarter societies

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Driving technology and public participation to advance society's challenges

Advancing future policies and tech solutions for a smarter, sustainable future through an intergenerational approach

AI & Internet companies, academicians and young talents in the fields of data governance and technology from Spain, Singapore and China rely on tech solutions and tech policy successes to start thinking out a common post-COVID19 agenda for resilient, literate and smarter societies.

An uncommon approach to redesigning the future

Highlighting successes, ideas and weak points to drive a common agenda for smarter, safer, literate and more sustainable nations and cities

Cross - national

A dialogue between nations at different stages of digitization maturity, and with differing guiding principles for accomplishing smarter societies.

Innovation Ecosystem

The industry and innovation ecosystem, with specific knowledge on value-creation technology and how to foster a thriving digital economy.

Case - Oriented

We will rely on cases of deployed tech solutions in different dimensions: connectivity, territories, storage, user experience, mobility...


A dialogue between two generations: those who've helped implement specific market solutions to solve society's challenges passing the torch to young leadership.

Digital Admin. & Smart Policies

Public policy experts and aficionados, understanding which policies incentivize a thriving digital economy that leverages a smarter, inclusive, safer and literate society.

Policy - Oriented

We will take into account the policy challenges that arise with technology usage: how to empower digital literacy, use privacy-by-design...

Watch out for our line up

Special Introduction

Marco Kamiya, UN Habitat

We will count on a panel introduction by Marco Kamiya, who will introduce participants to the UNs envision of Smart Cities, which values and principles can guide its development, and the role that companies, entrepreneurs, legislators and young talents can play in its deployment.


María Luque

Founder & CEO, Mission-Oriented

This event is part of the Government After Shock initiative, a collaborative initiative supported by:

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